Purveyors of the finest imported botanicals, herbs and spices from around the world since 1852

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Langdon supply a vast range of premium quality, imported botanicals, herbs and spices. 

 Sourced from a network of trusted suppliers, we service customers across the medicinal and wellness, herbal teas, distillery and equine health sectors.

We stock over 500 dried botanicals including numerous flowers, berries, roots, barks, fruit peels and extracts.  This extensive range is used to create high quality, distinctive  products including herbal teas, spice blends, artisanal gins, vodkas and other distilled spirits, and an array of therapeutic products.

Botanicals for Every Use


Organic and conventional botanicals, herbs and spices suitable for creating wellness inspired herbal tea infusions, traditional spice flavoured tea blends and herbal drinks.


Reliable and compliant medicinal herbs and spices suitable for natural therapeutic and homeopathic applications.


Rare and distinctive botanicals and dehydrated citrus peels add unique flavour characteristics to world-class gins, vodkas, rums and other high-end craft spirits.

Working with Langdon

Impeccable quality, sustainably sourced

Since 1852, family-owned Langdon has built long standing relationships with the world’s finest cultivators and suppliers of dried botanicals, herbs and spices, and teas.

What makes us different

We have earned the respect and trust of our customers and suppliers by trading quality botanicals and herbs and spices across the globe for over 165 years.  We are known for:


  • Our long-term relationships with suppliers and producers ensure supply chain stability and reliability of quality
  • Our humidity and temperature controlled storage facilities preserve the natural flavours, aromas and health benefits of our range
  • Our dedicated Health & Wellness team, each with deep Botanicals expertise
  • Experienced buyers search the world, prioritising quality, sustainability and provenance
  • Our blending and tailor-made packaging and consolidation services

Featured Botanicals

Juniper Berries

Juniperus communis

Whole, crushed, cut and powdered.  

Rose Hip

Rosa canina

Powder, shells cut, shells fine cut and whole


Echinacea purpurea

Herb whole, herb fine cut, root whole, cut, powdered and extract.

Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus sp.

Flowers whole and fine cut  

Peppermint leaves

Menta peperita

Leaves cut,  fine cut and powdered


Zingiber officinale

Root kibbled/ fine cut and powdered


Curcuma longa

Powder and Fine Cut

Lemon Peel

Citrus limon

 Cut, Fine Cut, Powder, Ribbons, Whole Slices

Bringing excitement & adventure to food

Our History

Founded in Melbourne in 1852 by H J Langdon, formerly a Captain with the East India Trading Company, to supply prospectors on the Victorian gold fields with food and vital provisions. Family-owned and operated ever since,  we can source almost any product through our global network of trusted suppliers with full traceability.

Our Way of Working

For generations our shared journey has been a global adventure, creating a valued legacy together. We remain at the forefront of exploring food cultures in every corner of the world, sourcing the finest quality ingredients to bring adventure and excitement to food.

We are entrepreneurial, passionate and forever evolving. We have always thrived on shaping our own destiny, and the journey continues.

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