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For 165 years, Langdon Ingredients has committed itself to providing meaningful customer relationships, quality products and operational excellence. We offer sourcing, supply chain expertise, and product formulation services to some of the food industries most prestigious brands. Our commercial solutions beyond ingredient supply include risk mitigation capabilities to provide long term certainty around supply, currency fluctuation and contingency planning. H.J Langdon is a trusted partner that continues to find ways to add value to both large and small business.

Prepared Foods

Langdon Ingredients are an integral supplier to grocery, convenience and food service businesses sourcing high quality ingredients and components for their meals. Our reputation for providing multinational businesses with safe, secure and technically superior products is a credit to our team’s market knowledge and strategic expertise. H.J Langdon can meet global manufacturing standards as well as the challenges and expectations large prepared foods providers demand.

Health & Wellbeing

H.J Langdon supplies an extensive portfolio of organic, natural health ingredients to independent suppliers and companies across the world. We have a dedicated health ingredient specialist and product development support to provide our customers with world class health solutions. Langdon Ingredients makes use of its in depth knowledge of the health market to create products that are continually adapting to market trends.

Discover our Botanicals Range

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H.J. Langdon manufacture and market a complete range of specialised bakery ingredients and partner with iconic brands. Langdon Ingredients work with a large range of suppliers from across the globe that allow us to provide new product innovation across the baking industry. We pride ourselves in offering value to your Bakery business through delivering high performance products at competitive prices.


H.J Langdon provides a full range of quality functional and flavour ingredients to meet the specific requirements of the dairy industry. Langdon Ingredients has the capacity to help develop dairy products that respond to contemporary market trends to deliver a competitive advantage. We collaborate with industry experts and our trusted supplier network to provide our clients with tailored dairy solutions and ongoing product development support. We have specific expertise in the supply of ingredients to the dips category.

Confectionary & Beverage

Langdon Ingredients provides a highly customisable range of confectionary and beverage ingredients to leading manufacturers as well as small business. We tailor confectionary and beverage ingredients that fit specific flavour profiles, allow functional health claims and improve product functionality. Our flexible business structure also permits bulk and boutique batch orders, maximising operational efficiency and catering to our clients’ business needs.

Meat, Poultry and Smallgoods:

Langdon’s professional team can help develop solutions to retain the freshness, taste, texture and nutritional value of meat and sausage products. We offer a range of processing options that provide extended shelf life and optimal appearance whilst preventing purge loss from transportation and storage. Langdon works alongside a network of specialist suppliers to help our customers produce the finest meats with ideal properties.

Pet Nutrition

For over 15 years Langdon has been sourcing and suppling major multinational and local pet food manufacturers with a diverse range of vegetable, grain and functional ingredients used in premium pet preparations. Our ability to provide approved ingredients and offer strategic insight into the dynamics of the pet nutrition industry make Langdon a valuable supply partner.