Ingredient Trends in 2021

Various forms of lockdowns around the world have encouraged many to experiment with different flavours, tastes and cuisines.  We profile 3 particular trends that are popular right now with manufacturers and consumers alike.

Hot, hot, hot.

Whether it’s Mexican habanero chilies, Middle Eastern Harissa paste, or numbing Sichuan peppers, fiery seasonings are set to boom. Unexpected ingredient combinations, often with fruits, chocolate, or botanicals, create contemporary, innovative, and spicy flavours that have versatile applications in marinades, rubs, seasonings, and coatings.

Bringing the world to your kitchen.

Japanese home-style cooking driven by fermented miso flavours, bright yuzu citrus, and matcha will increase in popularity in 2021, likely joined by contemporary takes on Israeli, Middle Eastern, and Northern African favourites. Expect tart barberry, tangy sumac, rose harissa, and za’atar to become new pantry staples.

Promoting Provenance

Distillers have led the resurgence of interest in Australian natives, but expect to see them used widely in teas, baked goods, syrups, BBQ rubs, dressings, essential oils, and kombuchas. Once only available via wild harvest, Langdon work with a sustainable enterprise farming natives to ensure consistency of quality and surety of supply.

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