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Embracing Plant Based
Driven by a desire for better health and concern for the environment, the plant based food and drink market is booming.

With one-third of consumers choosing to reduce their meat consumption and embracing flexitarian or vegan diets, the plant-based market is no longer niche; consumers are hungry for meat, egg and dairy alternatives.

Bringing adventure and excitement to food since 1852, Langdon has an extensive portfolio of ingredients and flavour building blocks, sourced from the world’s leading plant based manufacturers and product innovators.

If you’re considering launching plant based meat, egg or dairy free products, speak to us about our ingredients range – and let us help you deliver the texture, taste and cooking performance that will delight your customers.

Our Plant Based Pantry

Plant Based Proteins

Offering a selection of wheat, soy, pea, rice, chickpea, pumpkin, fava and mung-bean plant proteins, we also carry a range of textured vegetable proteins and jackfruit meat alternatives.

Vegan Friendly Flavours & Yeasts

Our versatile natural flavours come in powder, paste and extract form, suitable for enhancing consumer satisfaction with vegan friendly meals.

Starches & Carbohydrates

Critical for providing viscosity, binding capacity and improving texture under various processing conditions, our plant based and clean-label starches are suitable for applications in baked goods, sauces, cereals, dairy products and coatings.


From adding sweetness, to creating viscosity and mouthfeel in ice-creams, cakes, drinks and sauces, our plant based sweeteners use stevia, monkfruit, date and corn based soluble fibres to create low-sugar formulations.

Custom Solutions

Our Product Development team can help you formulate bespoke blends for tasty plant based meals, protein packed smoothies and snacks, meat, egg and dairy-free products.


Our range of plant based products can be used to create high quality food and beverages

Meat alternatives

Protein & nutritional shakes & bars

Baked goods

Egg white replacements

Snack foods

Non - dairy drinks

Bring your food ideas to life

Our Product Development team is experienced at creating meat-free formulations using the ingredient building blocks that give flavour, texture and cooking performance – critical factors for consumer satisfaction. 

Customer projects we’ve worked on include: 

  • Plant based ready meals
  • High protein, meal replacement smoothies and soups
  • Egg replacements in mayonnaise, meringues and mousse
  • High protein, non-dairy nutritional shakes and smoothie powders
  • High protein cereals and probiotic porridge oats

Working with Langdon

Impeccable quality, sustainably sourced

Since 1852, Langdon has built long standing relationships with some of the world’s leading suppliers of natural, plant-based and organic ingredients

What makes us different

We have earned the respect and trust of our customers and suppliers by trading quality botanicals and herbs and spices across the globe for over 165 years.  We are known for:


  • Our long-term relationships with suppliers and producers ensure supply chain stability and reliability of quality
  • Our humidity and temperature controlled storage facilities preserve the natural flavours, aromas and health benefits of our range
  • Our Product Development team of food scientists and nutritionists co-create with customers at our onsite PD labs
  • Experienced buyers search the world for plant-based ingredients, prioritising quality, sustainability and provenance
  • Our blending and tailor-made packaging and consolidation services
  • Highest quality and food safety credentials, including BRC AA accreditation, Australian Organic Certification, Kosher and Halal certifications

Bringing adventure & excitement to food

Our History
Founded in Melbourne in 1852 by H J Langdon, formerly a Captain with the East India Trading Company, to supply prospectors on the Victorian gold fields with food and vital provisions. Family-owned and operated ever since, we can source almost any product through our global network of trusted suppliers with full traceability.
Our Way of Working

For generations our shared journey has been a global adventure, creating a valued legacy together. We remain at the forefront of exploring food cultures in every corner of the world, sourcing the finest quality ingredients to bring adventure and excitement to food.

We are entrepreneurial, passionate and forever evolving. We have always thrived on shaping our own destiny, and that journey continues.

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