May, 2024

Indulging in the creamy delight of ice cream is a universal pleasure, but why not reflect consumer appetite and blur the lines between sweet and savoury? Prepare to embark on a journey where traditional flavours intertwine with unexpected twists, and where every scoop promises a delightful surprise for your taste buds. In this realm, toppings aren’t mere accoutrements; they’re vibrant bursts of flavour, textures, and unexpected journeys for the palate.


Chocolate ‘Japanese Caramel’

One of the three musketeers of flavour, this ice cream comes with just as many surprises as the classic Alexandre Dumas novel. With the allure of indulgent chocolate, this ice-cream surprises the senses with a savoury, nutty, and buttery flavour.

Natural shiitake extract enhances all existing flavours, making this savoury ice-cream surprisingly moreish and deceptively sweet. Shiitake mushroom balances the often-overpowering sweetness of the caramel, deepening the flavour and allowing for a real taste of the caramel, rather than merely tasting the sweetness.

Shiitake Extract Powder: Earthy, smoky, and slightly meaty, this umami powerhouse acts as a fantastic natural MSG replacer, boosting savoury notes, adding depth and complexity to existing flavours. Not only that, but it is completely allergen-free and suitable for vegans.

Ice Cream [Milk, Sugar, Cream, Dextrose, Skim Milk Powder, Glucose, Coconut Oil, Stabilisers, Vanilla, Pasteurised Free Range Eggs, Emulsifier, Stabilisers, Natural Colour, Salt], Shiitake Extract [Maltodextrin, Shiitake Extract], Caramel [Sugar, Cream (Milk), Butter (Milk)], Cocoa.

Milk, Egg

Strawberry ‘Sumac Sundae’

Vibrant in colour and vibrant in taste, this strawberry surprise ice-cream is a fiesta of flavour, with the blushing hues of beetroot dancing alongside zesty sumac, and the aromatic embrace of rosemary.

One third of our Neapolitan ice cream fake-out, this flavour lures you in with the promise of sweet summery strawberries but delivers a more exciting and bright taste sensation. Still synonymous with summer, our sumac sundae ice-cream repurposes ingredients typically associated with a Sunday roast to create a daringly delicious, light, and bright dessert.

Sumac Powder: This crimson-hued powder is sharp and tangy, infusing tart tastes and adding depth of flavour to dishes. This ground berry can is an unsung hero in many Middle Eastern dishes.

Rosemary Powder: Pine like fragrance and earthy undertones, ground rosemary is used to add aromatic flavour without visual inclusions. Often used in Greek cuisine, rosemary powder adds brightness evoking sensations of sun-drenched Mediterranean atmospheres.

Beetroot Powder: When dosed minimally beetroot powder adds a rosy hue and its earthy flavour gracefully steps aside, allowing a subtle sweetness to shine through, effortlessly enhancing your dish or drink.

Ice Cream [Water, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Vegetable Fat (Coconut), Soluble Corn Fibre, Fava Bean Protein, Emulsifiers, Vanilla, Carrot, Stabilisers, Natural Flavouring, Salt], Beetroot, Sumac, Lemon, Rosemary.

Vanilla ‘Ocean Harvest Delight’

Combining land and sea this ice cream flavour is a challenge to the senses, bamboozling the brain. Sweetcorn powder coats the tongue in a sweet earthiness and conjures images of hot summer, buttery barbecued corn and more-ish melting ice-creams. In place of velvety vanilla seeds is black pepper, awakening the senses providing a peppery kick to this surf and turf dessert. Seaweed extract powder works as a natural flavour enhancer, boosting the savoury notes and depth of flavour.

Sweet Corn Powder: Delivers sweetness and a milky hue that coats the tongue in a sweet earthiness flavour.

Seaweed Extract Powder: Natural Japanese seaweed extract acts as a powerful flavour enhancer, elevating umami notes and driving crave-ability.

Black Pepper: A timeless classic and dinner table staple, this culinary powerhouse adds a fragrant and spicy warmth, with beautiful visual inclusions that leave a zing on the palette.

Ice Cream [Milk, Sugar, Cream, Dextrose, Skim Milk Powder, Glucose, Coconut Oil, Stabilisers, Vanilla, Pasteurised Free Range Eggs, Emulsifier, Stabilisers, Natural Colour, Salt], Sweetcorn Powder, Seaweed Extract [Maltodextrin, Seaweed, Salt], Black Pepper.

Milk, Egg

Vivid Violet Syrup

A pleasant twist on your blueberry pancakes, this blueberry and sage syrup is sweet and musky. Part inspired by the joy of one of our favourite childhood movies, the blueberries give the syrup a rich violet colour whilst the sage surprises the tastebuds, not unlike that of Mr Wonka’s mystery 3-course gum. Sweet and savoury once again working in harmony to deliver a taste sensation.

Sage: Aromatic, with a signature grey green colour, our dried sage is a high-quality M&S compliant product with low micro and steam treated.

Blueberries, Water, Lemon Juice, Sage, Pectin.

Bold Brew Kalonji Crunch

Pungent kalonji is partnered with the subtle notes of nutty roasted coffee to confuse and ignite the senses. This shortbread is buttery and nutty with earthy crunch and visual inclusions from Kalonji seeds.

Kalonji Seeds: Kalonji seeds bring a slightly bitter and savoury onion flavour and a beautiful visual inclusion.

Coffee: Sourced from our sister company, LCM, this Colombian washed coffee from the farm of Dora Mendez is smooth with notes of red apple and dark brown sugar.

Plain Flour (wheat), Sugar, Butter (Milk), Coffee, Kalonji Seeds.

Milk, Wheat

Sizzle & Spice

Sometimes touted as the condiment to end all condiments, crunchy chilli oil is delicious on eggs, noodles, pizza, and even ice cream. Mixed with red bell pepper pieces, this deeply savoury mix of crunchy garlic and onion also becomes a natural flavour enhancer.

Red Bell Pieces: Riper and rarer than their green counterparts, these granules impart a vibrant red hue and signature fresh sweetness.

Mexican Chilli Medley: Our blend of pasilla, ancho, and guajillo chillis perfectly encapsulate the iconic flavour of Mexican cuisine, adding well-balanced heat with spicy, sweet, complex flavours.

Minced Onion and Garlic: Pillars of flavour, onion and garlic pieces provide depth of flavour and a well-rounded richness to this fiery chilli oil.

Olive Oil, Onion Granules, Garlic Granules, Chilli (Pasilla, Ancho, Guajillo), Smoked Paprika, Salt, Sugar, Cayenne Pepper.

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