May, 2024

From South America for our starter to the Middle East for the main, our Middle Eastern Majesty bursts with vibrant flavours, honouring culinary techniques stretching from London to Lebanon.

Set atop the humble apple fibre crumpet, this dish is anything but modest. Fiery amba labneh, and bright orange and cardamom jam dance amongst the warming spices of the lamb and aromatic topper.

As consumers look for deliciousness with ease and techniques to bring gastronomy into their home, this dish is built on energy-efficient and cost-efficient blocks. Using toasters, slow-cookers, and ambient aisle heroes, this dish brings gourmet to the home.


The Crumpet

A British-born tea time classic, crumpets are typically nostalgic, conjuring images of tea time with grandparents, school-time snacks, and rainy days with cups of tea. Our crumpet is fortified with apple fibre to elevate the nutrition of our British base. Apple fibre impacts little on taste and structure, making it the perfect addition to any baked good or fusion dish. 

Apple Fibre: Containing 65g pure fibre per 100g, this 100% natural ingredient is neutral in flavour making it a powerful, unique addition with added nutritional benefits.

Wheat Flour, Water, Apple Fibre, Baking Powder, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Butter (Milk).

Wheat, Milk

The Lamb

This Persian lamb has a richness of flavour achieved through the careful balance of roasted spices, earthy and fragrant herbs, zesty citrus, and a little sprinkle of umami magic.

Dried Mint: Refreshing, sweet, and tangy, dried mint is perfect for seasonings and rubs, and adding flavour whilst minimising waste.


Lamb Shoulder, Pomegranate & Mint Seasoning [Herbs & Spices (Smoked Paprika, Dried Mint, Roasted Cumin, Roasted Coriander, Dried Oregano, Cinnamon, Black Pepper) Onion, Orange, Tomato, Garlic, Salt, Seaweed Extract, Shiitake Extract] Honey, Pomegranate Molasses, Olive Oil.

The Filo

This filo topper is the intersection between jam on toast and a sweet and sticky baklava, filled with orange and cardamom jam and coated in a cumin and cinnamon salt.

M&S A-List Spices: Cinnamon, roasted coriander, and roasted cumin, are sourced from our industry leading Indian supplier, with deeply warming and aromatic tastes and aromas.

Orange Pieces: Made using 100% of the fruit, our orange granules are all natural, clean-label and contain no additives or fillers, perfectly capturing all the flavour and tang you would expect.

Filo Pastry [Wheat Flour, Water, Cornflour, Humectant: Glycerol, Salt, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)], Orange & Cardamom Jam [Sugar, Water, Orange, Cardamom, Pectin], Cinnamon & Cumin Salt [Salt, Cumin, Cinnamon], Oil.

The Sauces

Labneh: Inspired by the pickled mango condiment from the Middle East, this condiment packs an explosion of flavour and delivers on regional authenticity so craved by consumers.

The Oil: Adding vibrance and brightness, mint oil compliments the lamb and conjures feelings of a comforting Sunday roast.

Mango Powder: Produced from fresh Totapuri mangos, this natural powder creates a harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity with great dissolvability.

Labneh Ingredients: Labneh Yogurt [Greek Yogurt (Milk), Salt, Lemon Juice, Oil, Vinegar], Amba Seasoning [Mango Powder (Mango, Maltodextrin), Lime Powder (Lime, Maltodextrin), Paprika, Turmeric, Chilli].

Oil Ingredients: Oil, Mint.

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