Founded in Melbourne by Henry Langdon to supply prospectors on the Victorian gold fields with food and vital provisions. Family-owned and operated ever since, we can source almost any product through our global network of trusted suppliers with full traceability.

Our History

Henry Langdon, a young merchant from London, made the bold decision in 1852 to sail to Melbourne, Australia carrying a small stock of alcohol, books, buttons, and pants.

Today, Langdon has established offices around the world and is known internationally as the go-to purveyor of the finest globally sourced ingredients and highly skilled collaborators of new and improved product formulations.

In 2022, Langdon proudly celebrated 170 years of exploring and sourcing the globe for the very best ingredients, that have formed the foundation of product creations by leading food manufacturing partners around the globe.

Local Knowledge, Global Expertise

Coupled with long standing international supplier relationships, many lasting multiple world wars, our highly skilled team import, export and deliver traceable, reliable & quality ingredients for our manufacturing partners around the world.

Langdon is the go-to purveyor of the finest ingredients and trusted collaborator for product solutions across a vast range of industries around the world.

Reducing our footprint

Langdon is committed to implementing practices across the entire business to continually reduce our impact on the environment.  As a first step, we are introducing practices that align with our Environmental & Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, which encourages continual improvements in our own behaviours and those of our suppliers.

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